View Full Version : Battle for Empire City Test event

12-11-2018, 07:58 AM
Hello Mobsters,

This Wednesday, we will start a test version of the Battle for Empire City event from 9pm PDT to 9 pm PDT on Thursday. This test event will run for 24 hours and will help us testing a couple of changes. We are testing offering consumables as rewards for every rewards type and testing offering only your rank reward and not all the ones for the ranks below yours.

By doing so, we will be able to rework the event rewards to reduce the number of unused items that make your inventory slower and offer consumables that can be more useful instead. By only offering one reward for your rank, weíll be able to offer way better rewards as we donít have to be too afraid of the gap it would create for the ones who catch all the ranks rewards. Please note that in this test there will be only consummables to win but we wonít do that in proper events.

Last but not least we donít give out rewards that could clearly influence the main weekend events. We know that offering consumables in a test event is not the best way to go but we have to test it at least once before revamping the live events.

Please be aware that this is a test event. Rewards wonít include any bonuses and any gold usage in this event is made at your own risks.

Your Deca team,