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11-22-2018, 02:30 AM
Dear Knights,

As mentioned a few times in the past weeks, the stats of the Raid Boss needed to be increased and it will happen in the upcoming weekend event starting on Friday, November the 23rd.

We also have a couple of additional information that might be useful for you, so read on and donít forget to share your feedback with us in the comments below!

New Raid Boss Stats

Hereís the list of stats that will be changed, divided by Raid Boss level. The only change compared to the stats mentioned before are connected to the Lv 7 to keep the balance between levels consistent.

Lv 4
Previous Attack - 4,200
New Attack - 4,500

Lv 5
Previous Attack - 4,200
New Attack - 4,500

Lv 6
Previous Attack - 5,500
New Attack - 5,900

Lv 7
Previous Attack - 7,000
New Attack - 7,350

Black Friday Deals

As you might have noticed from the various ads popping up everywhere on the web, November the 23rd will be Black Friday, which means you can find some special deals in Knights & Dragons too.

The limited shop will feature special offers from Friday to Monday, make sure to check it regularly to find the right deal for you!

The most valuable items (from recent seasons or with the current season element) will be there only for 24h (starting from 4pm CET of each day), so donít miss the chance to to get the best deals.

Additionally, on Friday 23rd, there will be a special 40% currency sale. During the rest of the weekend sale it will be back to the usual 30%.

Armor collection

The armor collection event for the current Epic Boss armor will run as a reduced version of only two steps, just like it did in the last month.

The first step will require having the current Epic Boss armor at Tier 20, while the second will require the Tier 20 of both November and Octoberís Epic Boss armor.

It will be online in the next few days.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights & Morgan the Forgemaster