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11-12-2018, 06:48 AM
Dear Knights,

As you might have noticed, the stats of the amulet and ring for the exclusive armor were lowered before the weekend.

Before explaining why this happened, we would like to inform you that they have been reverted back to what they originally were.

The Spirit/Spirit exclusive armor of this season is an extremely valuable one, especially for its effectiveness in the Raid Boss event. Since we haven't modified the Raid Boss strength as announced in October, the armor resulted being incredibly strong against the current strength of the bosses.
This is why the stats were reduced.

We do realise that it was a mistake on our side as the armor was already available once the change was made and that some of you were already working towards obtaining it and this is why the stats will be reversed to the original ones.

Nevertheless, for the reasons explained above and as announced last month, it will be necessary to increase the stats of the next Raid Boss events to maintain a certain balance. The stats of the Raid Boss and Blitz raid Boss will be reviewed once more in the next days to define a balanced increase and changes will be announced with enough notice.

We would like to add to this that with the continuous development of a game, changes might become necessary to keep a balanced challenge and experience for everyone and in case this happens we’ll work on improving timing and communication.

Halloween Gifting

Just to give you a quick update on the giftings announced in this post (https://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?124788-Burned-Gallant-T5-and-Midnight-Soulreaper-combine-Information) for the Halloween event will be prepared today and will be executed in the next few days, as soon as they’re ready.

We would like to thank you for the feedback you shared with us and apologise for the confusion this change created.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights