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10-24-2018, 10:17 AM
Dear Knights,

Today it’s the official beginning of the Halloween events, with two armors for you to fight for!

While you get ready here’s a few more information about the upcoming Raid Boss, offers in the Limited Shop, a special Tier Spender event and the element choice for the Epic Boss armor of November.

Raid Boss - October 26th

In the last Raid Boss we introduced the new level 7 and we’ve noticed it has been widely used across all servers by some guilds. We’ve also carefully checked the feedback of the community and we’ve decided to make a small change in the bonus given for defeating the level 7, which will be increased to 93 millions.
Considering that in one of the upcoming raid boss events the stats of most bosses will have to be updated, more changes to the level 7 might be happening at a later point.

Additionally, given the current issue of the auto-scouting of the level 7 that some of you noticed in the last event, the cost to scout this boss will be kept at 0 for this event too.

Last but not least, the upcoming Raid Boss event will feature an additional high milestone at 700 million points with extra shards for the Knight of the Living Dead event.

Limited Shop - Ongoing

With the latest update of Knights & Dragons, we introduced an improvement to the Limited Shop that will allow us to offer items with a limit in the amount you can purchase.
This will help increasing the range of items we can offer in the shop without damaging the general game balance.

During the next days, the limited shop will offer several different deals with or without purchase limit so make sure to check the shop every day not to miss any of the deals!

Today’s offers will be the first ones with an amount limit on the possible purchases and some more tests will be done across the next days to optimise the variety of the items offered.

We would also like to inform you that, following some community feedback, we’ve added the development of a timer for the Limited Shop deals in the roadmap and it will be coming in the future!

Halloween Event - Epic Boss - Android EU

As you might have experienced in the first minutes of the Epic Boss started today on the Android EU server, the wrong boss appeared.
We’ve switched the boss into showing the correct one but this caused a loss of progress for those of you that started attacking the wrong boss.

In the next couple of days, the energy spent in that time frame will be given back to you.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

Epic Boss elements for November

Just like last month we would like your help in defining the elements for the Epic Boss armor of November. This time, we will lock the combination to consecutive elements but you can choose the main one. Given that Spirit/Earth will be the most valuable combination of November, Earth won’t be available as a choice for the main element.
E.g. if most people vote for Air, the Epic Boss armor will be Air/Earth, if you pick Spirit the armor will be Spirit/Fire and so on.

You can vote for the main element here

Battle on,
The DECA Knights