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10-19-2018, 07:32 AM
Dear Mobsters,

We would like to give you a short status update on a few important topics which have been regularly brought to our attention or reported to us by your game representatives.

Android Locked out players.
Between the 3rd of August and the 5th of September, a large number of Android players have been locked out of the game with no way to login or, for others who could login, no way to interact with the game at all.
We managed to identify the players that could either not login or not perform in game actions during this time frame and a compensation will be sent today, covering for what they missed in game.

Support tickets status.
Many players ask us questions about support delays and the overall support answering processes.
Since the end of August we are directly in charge of the full support tickets coverage. This evolution requires us to adapt and rethink some of the internal processes to make it work in the most efficient way. Because of the different fires and event issues we faced in the last two months, the number of tickets increased and it took us more time than expected to answer to every new ticket while clearing the old backlog of tickets and improving processes at the same time.
Worry not, we are still making good progresses there and they will slowly be more visible to you. We can just guarantee you that we look at every single ticket and our team does itís very best to deliver accurate and helpful answers.

Thank you for your comprehension.