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10-18-2018, 08:39 AM
Dear Knights,

We have some news for you, so here’s an overview on some topics from this week and some sneak peek on what’s coming next week!

Armor Collection event.

As you might already be aware, we had to stop the collection event connected with the Epic Boss armor and its different tiers but we promised that a shorter version with the final steps would be made available.
The reduced version will be live later on today with only the last 2 steps, as following:

Step 1
Requirement - Scorched Beastguard T20
Reward - 3x Silver Coins + 1x Torch Flame

Step 2
Requirement - Scorched Beastguard T20 + Zircon Squallsuit T20
Reward - 6x Silver Coins

Silver Coins Give away

In the last Raid Boss we introduced a new Boss level 7 and offered a reward of 2 Silver coins to all the guilds that defeated at least once.

The gifting is ready but will be done tomorrow to avoid potential conflicts with the small content update that was released in the game some minutes ago.

Fusion Tree Event

We have noticed a few of you Knights were curious about the event not being there yesterday and we have good news for you!

The event will be online later on today, don’t miss the chance to obtain your Fire/Spirit armor.

IMPORTANT: due to a misunderstanding, the Fusion Tree Armor stats you will see in the news banner are currently wrong. The correct stats are ATT 8852 / DEF 9589

Video Issues

We received a few reports about the video offers to obtain free gems have been having some issues in the last few days.

As you might already be aware, this service is managed by an external company that delivers the content of the videos. We’re always in touch with them when this kind of problems happen to try and deliver information regarding the potentially faulty campaign to help speed up the resolution.

Upcoming Event

We’ve been working on some activities to celebrate all together the spookiest of all holidays and battle to obtain other limited edition armors in Knight(mare)s & Dragons.

At the beginning of the upcoming week you will know everything you will need to be ready to fight against the spirits of the (K)night. In the meantime, we do like puns so feel free to shoot your best Halloween and Knights & Dragons related puns in the Reddit thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/Knightsanddragons/comments/9paa3n/t20_collection_silver_coins_and_fusion_tree/)!

Battle on,
The DECA Knights.