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10-10-2018, 07:15 AM
Dear Knights,

In the current Beastguard Collection Event, we’ve come across some errors that weren’t expected and were caused by how the progress for this event is saved and stored in the game.

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned before, the current mechanics of the armor collection event doesn’t fully suit a tiered armor like the epic boss one, which created some confusion and gave you the feeling to be stuck in the event progression.

Because of this, we’ve decided to stop the event and only run it in combination with an epic boss armor once we iron out the details that currently makes it confusing.

As a compensation for the inconvenience this might cause, we’ll be sending everyone that logged in the game since October the 1st the rewards you receive for reaching T15 in the event. The compensation will start today and will include:

1x Silver Coin
2x Armor Fire Fusion Boost IV
2x Ring Fire Fusion Boost IV
2x Amulet Fire Fusion Boost IV

For those of you that were aiming at the rewards for the T20, we will work on a reduced version of the armor collection event with the T20 as only requirement.

Additionally, we will set up some other armor collection events throughout the next weeks to give you an additional challenge :)

Update Knights & Dragons!

If you haven’t downloaded the most recent update yet, we invite you to do so as soon as possible and to spread the word with your friends in and out of your guilds!

The latest update includes in-game alerts when new items are available in the limited shop, but it’s also necessary to take part in a special event we’re working on - which is a very hard to guess festivity happening at the end of this month.

...and no, it’s not the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on October 27th as you might have first thought!

Stay tuned for more information next week!

Battle on,

The DECA Knights.