View Full Version : Battle for Empire City

09-28-2018, 05:49 AM
Dear Mobsters,

After long analysis and discussions about the situation today we have decided to go on with the event planned for the weekend.

We do know that some of the lags and crashes are making it hard to play the game for some of our players but we cannot afford to skip this weekend's events.

We need these events to run in order to analyse them and fix some of the issues we spot while they run.
Not running the event would not help us solving the issues faster but would, on the other have a major impact on the game economy and could drive many players away.

This is not an ideal situation or choice to make but it is the most reasonable one for the game at the moment.

We will still compensate the players for the various issues they faced lately after discussing the compensation package with the reps last week.

We will, also, offer a one time daily login reward today as a first gesture from our side. Every player will receive 25 health refills. This reward is availlable for the next seven days but can only be collected once.
We know that our players, and especially on Android, are facing big lags and crashes currently so we wil, of course, monitor the situation for both platforms in regards to the game performance over the weekend and will discuss any further needed action next week.

Thank you for your patience,