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09-20-2018, 09:14 AM
Dear Knights,

Many of you have been asking about the second exclusive set and some confusion arose around the Boss Collection for the Epic Boss armor (Squallsuit Collection), so here’s some information about these two topics. We want to also give you a bit more information on the upcoming Blitz Boss.

Second Exclusive Set

As some of you mentioned, the second set could be placed in the next Blitz Guild War but it would already be in the next season.
Considering that next month will have 5 Blitz Guild War, the second exclusive set for the current season will be still available on the Blitz GW starting on October the 1st.

In this event there will be the usual set at the 475,000 points milestone and one extra one at 875,000. This is to give an extra chance to those players that couldn’t get the first set and would still like to have two of them.

Squallsuit Collection

We’ve noticed some confusion with the Squallsuit Collection event in regards to completing the requests.

Every tier of the Epic Boss armor has to be considered as a different armor and this is why if you upgrade it to a higher tier than the requirements of the collection event, without collecting the rewards for it, it won’t be considered. E.g. if you upgrade from T5 to T6 without collecting the reward for having the T5 armor, it will not be possible to collecting and progress in the collection event anymore.

We therefore invite you to collect your rewards as soon as you meet the requirements, that can be found in [this post] (https://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?124638-Epic-Boss-Reloaded-Revamp-details).

We’re working to improve this feature step by step and we’re brainstorming easier solutions to apply it to the epic boss armors for the future.

Blitz Raid Boss

We have decided to run something a bit different on the upcoming Blitz Raid Boss.

The main items (Jewelry Set, Silver Coins, Pets) will still remain at their usual milestones but every other rewards is going to be replaced by keys. There will then be a chest in the shop where you will be able to get any of the rewards that we replaced. This chest will give you higher quality item than you would get usually. As this is for now just a test, we would like to hear your feedback on this.


We hope these additional information will be helpful for you, thank you once again for the feedback and for helping us improving Knights & Dragons!

Battle on,

The DECA Knights.