View Full Version : Epic Boss Revamp- Some Adjustments

09-19-2018, 08:43 AM
Dear Knights,

The revamped version of the Epic Boss is approaching its third week in the game and we would like to thank you all for the feedback shared with us from the start.

As we mentioned when we first presented the changes included in the revamp, further adjustments might be needed according to the feedback and data collected in the first weeks of the event.

We’ve made some adjustments to the difficulty and the tickets distribution already and we would like to roll them out from the Epic Boss starting the upcoming Wednesday, September the 19th.

Adjustments to tickets distribution

In the current version, there are 100 cumulative tickets available up to Silver 2 milestone. We adjusted this to 300 with a more linear progression, with 100 tickets available up to the Bronze milestone.

The total amount of tickets available in milestones rewards have been increased by 50.

The leaderboard rewards were also extended to lower brackets and quantities have been increased.

We hope this will contribute in giving a better feeling of progression in the event for most players.

Adjustments to difficulty

Following your feedback, we took a deeper look at the current difficulty and re adjusted it to be more progressive.

The starting stats of the Epic Boss will be the same as they were before the revamp. Until level 60 it will be noticeably easier to defeat it and will keep being easier until level 84. From level 85 on the Epic Boss stats will stay as they currently are.

Energy Drop

As some of your reported, the free epic boss energy drop wasn’t available in the event anymore. This was not an intentional change and we managed to isolate the reason of the issue and bring it back.

This means that in the upcoming Epic Boss the energy drop will be available again.


We will keep analysing your feedback and data to find the correct balance for the event, so please don’t hesitate sending your feedback our way in the comments below!

Battle on!

The DECA Knights.