View Full Version : Investigations on Battle for Empire City irregularities.

08-31-2018, 01:26 PM
Dear mobsters,

During the last Battle for Empire City, we spotted irregularities in the individual ranking. One player's account was flagged due to the unusual amount of points scored. It appears that such amount is highly out of line (40% more) to what top players have been scoring during the past iterations of the event.

We are currently investigating this case to know how could this happen. As only one account has been the affected so far and until our investigation is done, we have no choice but to take this player out of the game for the duration of the Battle for Empire City. We have also been informed that this player has been sharing information about a potential exploit with the community which is also a violation of the game rules.

For these reasons, this player's account will be banned for the weekend (until the event ends) as a preventive measure.

Would our investigation show that no irregular actions were intended on his side, we will gladly compensate this player for the event he/she missed.

We advise our players not to try out any gameplay method that sounds unusual or fishy as it may result in similar sanctions for them.

Would you have informations you want to communicate regarding this issue or questions to ask, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,