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08-17-2018, 09:24 AM
Dear Knights,

Itís time once again for a producer letter, where we will be sharing with you current and upcoming plans and ideas.

In todayís edition there are information about some optimisations, some old school vibes coming back and some upcoming changes!

Second exclusive jewelry set

As you might have read in previous announcements, in July we introduced a second jewelry set for your exclusive armors since itís possible to obtain two of them.

We received some feedback asking to repeat this and therefore you can expect to see a second jewelry set in the mini Guild War coming on Monday, August the 20th.

This means there will be two sets available in the upcoming mini Guild War, one at the usual 350k and 475k points milestone and one at 875k points, just like in July.

Hall of Fame

Have you ever wondered who the best players in Knights & Dragons are? Starting from the current Raid Boss event we will share here on Reddit and on the Forum a mixed leaderboard featuring the top 50 players among the 4 server (Android/iOS and Global/EU).

This is meant as a community celebration and an internal challenge for the the top players of Knights & Dragons across the world, we hope you will all join us in the celebration!

Additionally, we will rename the first Raid Boss armor of September with the name of the player with the highest worldwide score. Based on your feedback we might repeat this again in the future.
We will improve this time after time, adding more events and optimising the information we share with you.

We will need your feedback to understand if itís something the community appreciates!

Armor Collection

Hereís something that hasnít been around for a while. After some time spent on analysing and testing it, we are ready to give the armor collection a test run on the live servers.
The Armor Collection is an event that rewards you with additional item if you own the required armors. The mechanics are pretty simple:

The UI of the event will show one or more armors required to receive the reward.

If you own the armors or you have enough materials to craft them while the event is online you can complete the request and receive the extra reward

You will still keep the armors as the requirement is only to own them

There can be several stages of the event, that become available once you complete the previous one.

The requirements of the following stages can change and so can the rewards.

In this test run, the armors required will be the Epic Boss armors of the current month

This test run is mostly to collect your feedback about the functionality itself. In the future it could be used in combination with other events too.

We are planning to run this test at some point next week, we will update you once the dates are defined!

Hunting Ground event

Like with the Armor Collection, another event is ready to come back to life. Weíve been testing the Hunting Ground event and fixed several issues so we are finally ready to release it again!
Also in this case, we will first have a test run on the live servers about the functionality to gather your feedback and consider further optimisations.

We are currently planning to have this test run ready for the last week of August!

Shards disappearing update

We are happy to announce that we found a fix for this issue and that itís been tested in several environments in the last weeks with success.

The fix to avoid shards from disappearing will be featured in an update that will be available to download from the stores at the beginning of next week.
We will inform you once itís live and we highly recommend to update to the new version as soon as possible and to spread the word to your guildmates to do the same!

Video offer issues

We are aware that some of you are currently encountering issues with the video offers that cause the app to crash. We are communicating with both the service provider and our developers to tackle the issue as quickly as possible.

Our investigation so far showed that this particular issue leading to the app crashing is limited to iOS version 11.4.

Additionally, in relation with the video offers, weíve limited the videos duration to 1 minute which means that you shouldnít receive content longer than that anymore.

Fusion Tree Frequency

We recently received a lot of feedback concerning the Fusion Tree Armor frequency coming too often during the month. Because of this, starting from September, the Fusion Tree armors available will be one per month instead of two.

Producer Gift

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for reading this letter all the way down to this point. To thank you for this* we have a small gift for you all that will be sent out at the beginning of the next week and will consist of items related to what is coming next:

i10 gems
3x Epic Boss energy
3x Epic Boss energy

*The gift will be sent out only to those that read the whole post**

**Just a producer joke, everyone gets a gift!

This is all for this producer letter, we canít wait to read your feedback!

Battle on,

The DECA Knights.