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07-27-2018, 07:34 AM
Dear Knights,

As we mentioned in the last update regarding the issue of the disappearing event shards, we will proceed with the compensation today.

We would like to give you some extra information as we noticed there were some unanswered questions from you.

Is this compensation on top of the previous one?

We’ve been analysing carefully several different scenarios in the past days and we noticed some discrepancies. After the analysis we concluded that it was not possible to define a common pattern and any possible separation would have created as many borderline situations that should have been individually managed. We also concluded that the amount of players that did not lose the compensation on Tuesday are a minority.
Even though we understand and agree that this create some cases of over compensation, at the current state it was not possible to exclude with certainty players that already received the compensation without losing it.

This means that the 3000 Titan Fractions and 1300 Kraken Furies will be given to everyone that had a T2 Aqua Girru by today.

Additionally, our investigation showed that the silver coins in the previous compensation did not disappear, which means that for iOS and Android Global the silver coins will not be sent out again.
The Silver coins will still be included for iOS and Android EU as the compensation on Tuesday did not happen.

To summarize:
Compensation pack for iOS and Android Global:
3000 Titan Fractions, 1300 Kraken Furies
To all players that reached at least Aqua Girru T2 by today.

Compensation pack for iOS and Android EU:
3000 Titan Fractions, 1300 Kraken Furies, 5 Silver coins
To all players that reached at least Aqua Girru T2 by today.

When will my customer support ticket receive an answer?

As mentioned in the last communication, the customer support tickets are currently overloaded. Our team is working hard to support you all but it is likely that an answer might require some more days than the usual timing.

We once again invite you to contact customer support only if the shards you owned before the compensation were more than what the compensation pack include as your requests will be checked and it would only result in a waste of time for yourself and your fellow knights.


The compensation will start in a few minutes and it might take up to a few hours for it to be completed on all servers. The items will be sent one after the other so you might also experience delays between them.
We therefore invite you to be patient if you don’t see the compensation content immediately in your account.

We will update this post once the payout is completed.

We invite you to use the given shards to craft the combining armors latest by Monday, July the 30th and to share this information with all of your guildmates.

Follow this link to join the conversation on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Knightsanddragons/comments/92cyno/titan_fractions_and_kraken_furies_compensation/

Sorry once more for the inconvenience this issue might have caused.

The DECA Knights.