View Full Version : Titan Fractions and Kraken Furies - Information and compensation

07-24-2018, 09:06 AM
Dear Knights,

We are still looking into the pack that disappeared (Only Global is affected not EU Region).
Once we find out the root cause of the issue, we will send the pack again later this week.

Please advice your fellow Knights to download the latest content pack by connecting to the game as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

The Deca Knights


Dear Knights,

As some of you pointed out, the two event shards disappeared from the some player inventories after the latest content update.

We would like to first of all apologise for the issue, we’ve been testing this behaviour multiple times a day for the past week in our test environments, to the point that every update could be completed successfully.

Unfortunately the live servers today showed a different result and we are sincerely sorry for this, since we invested a lot of time and energy in testing it.

To make up for this, we will be sending out a compensation pack this week, containing:

3000 Titan Fractions
1000 Kraken Furies
5 Silver Coins

To explain why we chose these amounts. We predict that most players will have crafted all armors that they needed with the Kraken Furies, at best they were missing and waiting for the ones in the EB/PVP/Login to craft an extra armor, so to cover that we sent enough for one full armor.

The 3000 Titan Fractions are enough shards to craft the jewelry and a few armors if needed.

Those that already reached T10 of the Aqua Girru armor can also use the silver coins to power it up and the extra shards to improve the second Aqua Girru armor.

Additional gifts will be sent out by next week.

We are aware that some of you might have lost a bit more than this. If that’s the case, we invite you to get in touch with our customer support team that will verify your individual request.
Please note that all the tickets opened until now will be closed to make sure that those who needs additional support then the compensation pack will get it faster.

We invite you to use up these shards to craft the combining armors and improve your Aqua Girru, to make sure this situation won’t repeat in case of a new content update that should happen on Monday next week, Berlin time.

You might also notice that the season 25 armors are already visible in crafting. This is so we aren’t forced to push some extra content before next Monday. Calendar and Announcement should be out later this week.

We will keep working on identifying the root cause and finding a final solution for this issue.

Once again, our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

The DECA Knights.