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07-06-2018, 03:08 AM
Dear Knights,

We decided to write this letter to give you all an update on our short-mid term plans for KnD and the topics discussed in the vision statement and the AMA we had a few weeks ago.

Before getting started with the game content, would like to give you a team update as we have one more Knight on our side that will help the team and the community to grow. We would like to introduce BaronVonKnoblauch, that joined our team after 5 years of experience with free-to-play communities and will help us grow Knights & Dragons and its community!

Together with Mzq and Sir-Darrell, he will also be a familiar voice on Reddit and other community platforms and a point of contact for you.

Moving on, we would like to start with an overview on a few things we are ready for you for July:

Splash of the titans

- This will be a new special event that will allow you to obtain a new one time only armor by being active and participating in different events.
- The Splash of the Titans event will not feature community milestones this time around (later on you will get to know why) and the strength of the final armor will depend only on your individual efforts.
- It’s planned to start on July the 10th, so get ready to know all the details very soon!

Jewelry Crafting

- Our newest update, that was released earlier today, includes the possibility to craft rings and amulets, something that has been often mentioned in the community.
- This new feature will allow you to use your armories to craft rings and amulets in the same way you can currently craft armors, giving you the chance to increase your knights gear customisation even more!
- Even though it is already in the game as of today, you will start obtaining shards for the crafting in the next few weeks.

2nd Exclusive set

- As it’s currently possible to obtain 2 Exclusive + armors, but only one set of jewelry to assign to them, we decided give you the chance to equip the second armor with a set too.
- The second set will be available in the same blitz event as the first one, but at a higher milestone.

Raid Return to battle

We are going to turn the return to battle feature back on in the Raid Boss, we have tested it on our side and it was properly working.

Now that July is sorted, we would like to give you some information about other topics that have been lately discussed on Reddit

World Boss

The idea of a World (or server) Boss that needs the cooperation of all the players of the server in order to be defeated is something that we’ve been discussing often and that we would really like to have, just like you do.

We generally like the idea to create more content going in the direction of community challenges involving and uniting all the Knights out there, but we must consider first some technical details to make sure we don’t trigger lags by cumulating data from so many players.

We are working on it, we can give you more information on it in the near future.

Epic Boss

It was definitely the hot topic of the AMA. What will happen with the Epic Boss? Is it getting a revamp?

Yes it will! While adapting the difficulty and the rewards would be easy ways to make it more interesting for you to participate, there are other things we are currently investigating to see if we could increase the variety of this event, including the Boss Collection event and the role the Nemesis armor could play, if any.
We will improve a bit at a time to make sure we can properly analyse your feedback and your player experience, stay tuned!

Community Milestones

We introduced the community milestones as an extra reason to work all together to get additional rewards during special events.

Even though we believe this is a great way to bring the community together and improve the game experience, we agree with those of you (from GSs channels and Reddit) that think it would be more fair and engaging to have a visual feedback directly in game for these milestones.

We are investigating the technical side to make this happen and we will try to include them in the game as soon as possible.

PvP Arena

This is another event on our radars. We are considering ways to improve this feature and to make it more interesting for you all.

Just like the Epic Boss, updating rewards could be a first way to go about it, but at the same time we are considering ways to improve the event mechanics and improve the PvP experience.

Hunting Ground

We manage to fix most of the issue related to the Hunting Ground event! Once we iron out the last details and we properly test it we will be able to re introduce it into the game.
We will update you on this as soon as we have more information to share.

Enhancement menu

We know that the selection of material to use for armor and jewelry enhancement is currently a bit tedious, we agree. We are working on a solution for this too!

Thank you once again for driving the conversation around Knights & Dragons and helping us improving the game more and more.

And now a question for you all: what of the topics mentioned in this letter are you excited the most about?

Battle on,
The DECA Knights