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07-02-2018, 08:21 AM
Hi Mobsters,

First of all we would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty to the game. We have discussed with your community representatives and have decided on a compensation package for the community for all the recent issues in the game, which includes the below:
Updated on 7/3 with additional compensation (below in bold)

iOS 12 issue game crashes
HCB daily points issue
HCB, BfEC and SA guild matching issues
Other game stability issues

The first part of the compensation will be a general compensation for all players who login (most of the below will be distributed as a login reward):

Megabundle this upcoming July 6-9 weekend (additional 1400 gold + strong items for every tier like the Megabundle in April)
+3 Energy Regen bonus item
+1% Influence Increase bonus item
Additional 250 gold added to individual goals in the next SA
Assault Demon x15
Empire Battle Health Refill x 25 (This will be sent out directly and not through a login reward)

**instead of refills we will give 200 gold and 15 Assault Demons for players above 99% BfEC Health Regen

The second part of the compensation will be targeted to players who were directly impacted by specific issues. **Since the guild matching issues were widespread across multiple events this was accounted for in the general compensation above.

iOS 12 issue game crashes

Target players: Players who have logged on with IOS 12 devices between May and June
Compensation: Empire Battle Health Refill x10

HCB daily points issue

Target players: Participants in HCBs between May and June
Compensation: Stim Packs x10

Guild matching issue

Target players: All
Compensation: Star Power x500

We will be rolling out the above compensations over this week in multiple batches. We will try to roll it out before the upcoming war this weekend so you can take full advantage of the extra consumables.

Have fun with the events in-game!