View Full Version : June Hit Wave - 4th weekend results + Choice Rewards!

06-28-2018, 07:04 AM
Dear Knights,

As we are approaching the third weekend of the event, let’s take a look at the results last weekends Raid Boss

The milestone of this Raid Boss weekend was set at 2,000B points across all servers and the cumulative points you scored reached 1,629,221,308,930 points! Unfortunately this means that the milestone wasn’t met and we will not be sending out any Fusion Boost Jewelry.

On that topic, some of you may have already noticed that keys have replaced all the Fusion Boost Rings and Amulets in the upcoming Guild War. These keys will open two chests which will both have a guaranteed rewards. The first will be a fusion boost ring and the other fusion boost amulet. You will now be able to choose the amount of rings and amulets you want. This is a first test to potentially add a “choice” of rewards in events in the future. So please do let us know what you think of this.

Now get ready for the last Guild War of the month, where a buff to the Deca Anniversary is still available at 1.8B points across all servers.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights.