View Full Version : Bring your friends event 06/20

06-20-2018, 09:01 AM
Dear Knights

After the success of the previous Bring Your Friends event, we decided to repeat to give you the chance to win extra rewards just by inviting your friends to the game!

All you need to do is spread the word and bring your friends to the game to join us all for the celebration. Here you can see the milestones and the rewards you can all receive for reaching them:

1000 more Knights → 2 silver coins
3000 more Knights → 5 Raid energy + 5 War energy + 1 Time Piece
5000 more Knights → 10 Raid energy + 10 War energy + 3 Zenit Shards
7000 more Knights → 6 Zenit Shards

The rewards are cumulative, e.g. reaching the last milestone means all rewards listed will be given out.

The event starts now and runs for two weeks, until Wednesday, July 4th. The results will be announced during the following week.

Login Reward

As an incentive for your friends to join the battle, a new special Login Chain Reward will start in the next days, who doesn’t like to get rewards just by playing Knights & Dragons with your friends? The login reward will be available for two weeks starting from today June 20th.

Day 1 - 2x Armor Fusion Boost III (Spirit)
Day 2 - 1x Zenith Shard
Day 3 - 2x Amulet Fusion Boost II (Spirit)
Day 4 - 1x Legendary Pet T1 Spirit
Day 5 - 2x Rank 3 Spirit Bait
Day 6 - 2x Ring Fusion Boost II (Spirit)
Day 7 - 3x Silver Coin
Day 8 - 2x Ifri (Season 23 Epic Pet T1)
Day 9 - 1x Armor Fusion Boost IV (Spirit)
Day 10 - 1x Blaze Orb
Day 11 - 2x Amulet Fusion Boost III (Spirit)
Day 12 - 1x Legendary Pet T1 Spirit
Day 13 - 2x Ring Fusion Boost II (Spirit)
Day 14 - 1x Six-Tail Lock

Battle on!
The DECA Knights.