View Full Version : June Hit Wave - 1st weekend results and Raid Boss difficulty increase

06-08-2018, 01:15 AM
Dear Knights,

As we are approaching the second weekend of this second event, letís take a look at the results of the first one.

The milestone of the first Guild War weekend was set at 1.8B points across all servers and the cumulative points you scored reached 1,870,606,822 points! Congratulations, this means your Yule Envoy armors are eligible to receive a 10% stats boost!

The boost has already been applied, your amors will now be 10% stronger!

And now, head towards the upcoming Raid Boss! The Raid Boss event starting today will feature increased Attack and Defense stats, that will now be respectively 5429/1906 (Lv6), 4158/1617 (Lv4-5), 3638/1213 (Lv3) (approximately a 5% increase) and so on.
The increase of the Raid Boss stats is a cyclical change we need to apply in order to keep the balance between the Boss stats and the increasing armors strength. This change only currently affects the Weekend Raid Boss but we will also be looking at the Blitz Raid Boss stats soon, specifically the Health Points).

Battle on,
The DECA Knights.