View Full Version : Anniversary event - Ultimate and Server Leaderboards

06-01-2018, 05:16 AM
Dear Knights,

As a last step in the anniversary event, we would like to announce the global and server leaderboard for the two Raid Boss event and for the Guild War we had during the event. The winners will get the exclusive version of the W00f pet as a reward for their efforts by the end of the week. He inspired on the official DECA mascotte and director of barketing, that you can see [here](https://imgur.com/a/7r9T170).

Letís first repeat what the rules for this additional event were:

- Server Leaderboard top 3 players in Raid Boss or Guild War (Tier II)
- Ultimate Leaderboard top 10 players in Raid Boss or Guild War (Tier III)
- If the same player is present in both ranking, only the highest Tier pet will be credited and the next player in the rankings will receive the lower Tier pet. (E.g. if the same player appears in the top 3 of his server and in the global top 10, he will receive the Tier III and the 4th player in the server rankings will receive the Tier II)

Raid Boss - 11.05/13.05


Guild War - 18.05/21.05


Raid Boss - 25.05/27.05


We hope the whole community will join us in congratulating these brave knights for their success!

Battle on!
The DECA Knights.