View Full Version : Anniversary Event - Final community milestones result and rare spawn

05-30-2018, 03:15 AM
Dear Knights,

The three big events of the DECAversary event have been completed, and it’s time to take a look at the final community milestones results.

Before doing that though, we would like to apologise for the misunderstanding of the last few days. As you noticed in the in game banner, a “special event” was supposed to happen on the 29th and it should have been the rare spawn. We realised now that by calling it a special event it mislead some of you, which was absolutely not in our intentions and we will keep this in mind. Additionally the date in the banner was wrong, which added confusion.
Because of this, we decided to activate the rare spawn for an additional day that will start in a few hours from now (approximately 2pm CEST).

Going back to the community milestones for this last Raid Boss, your joint effort made you reach the 5th milestone set at 2.500B with a final score of 2,577,301,704,918 which means your DECA upgrade armors will get an additional 230% stats increase, for a total of +510% (each upgrade armor will now give you 610 extra stats).

The final increase will be applied later on today.

Last but not least, we are currently working on analysing the results of the individual leaderboards. Once they will be ready, we will post the winners of the special pet in a separate post.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights