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05-23-2018, 09:22 AM
Hi Everyone!

Due to recent changes in regulations and requirements for using personal information, we would like to give you more insight and clarity as to what type of data the games are collecting. Please note that these do not affect your gameplay in anyway, but it is very important for you to read through.

An update is currently planned to send a pop-up message to users starting the app for the first time.

Should you wish to retract your consent towards the use of those information, we invite you to send an email to our customer support (en-support@gree.net) or directly through the in game support function with “Privacy Enquiry” in the subject line. We will help you throughout the entire process of retracting your personal information.

Also, we have raised the minimum age limit to 16+ years old. For users below this age, please seek parental guidance before playing our games.

Please find below the updated Privacy Policy:

To ensure the integrity of the data generated by your activity on the app. Modern War/Crime City/Kingdom Age integrates the following backup features.

For all users: Device Unique ID allowing us to link your account with your device and retrieve your account details in the case you clear Modern War’s/Crime City’s/Kingdom Age’s App Data or perform a clean install. Client Build/Client Build Data Version allowing us to provide the latest content. Payment information allowing us to track all transactions made through the app to secure the integrity of the payment system. IP address/country allowing us to enable a connection to our servers and confirm the user’s location. Application usage situation, allowing us to generate logs about user’s connection to the app. Data Connection Type, allowing us to identify if the user is connected to a Mobile network or WiFi network. Device Type/MAC address allowing us to track the user device model and also the Device tracking number to ensure that the app functions properly with the designated device. Advertising identifier/Information of advertising in application allowing us to generate some in-app advertisement to the user and control the advertised content. Information of customer support allowing us to use information collected and previously mentioned to constantly improve the assistance toward the app user.

For users connected to the app via Facebook: The User First Name and Last Name/Gender/Facebook ID/Facebook username/Timezone allowing us to generate user profile based on facebook information to retrieve user’s account in the event of issues with Facebook connection services.

For Android users: Android Device ID/Google Account/Android Version/Build Model allowing us to ensure payment transaction on Google Play Store platform and generate a user profile based on Android system in order to ensure data backup for the user.
For iOS users: iOS version/iOS device Unique ID allowing us to ensure payment transaction on App Store platform and generate a user profile based on iOS system in order to ensure data backup for the user.