View Full Version : Login issue - EU Android only

05-11-2018, 02:07 PM
Dear players,

We would like to give you some information regarding the recent issues on EU Android.

What happened?

EU Android players switching account are not be able to log\-in the game anymore. This is due to a technical issue on the server level. While we are still investigating the issue, we strongly suggest players in this server not to switch accounts. Please share the message to your guildmates and friends.

Next steps:

We will extend the Raid boss event on EU Android to Monday, the 14th of May 12pm CEST. The Blitz Guild war will start on Tuesday, the 15th of May at 12pm CEST. Other servers \(EU iOS, Global iOS & Global NA\) won't be affected.

We are also going to send a compensation package in the next days for the inconvenience.

Our deepest apologize for the inconvenience.

Battle on,
The Deca Knights