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05-10-2018, 06:00 AM
Dear Knights,

Almost one year has passed since DECA took the reins of Knights & Dragons. Itís been a great experience to get to know this game in all of its aspect and to engage with a loyal and passionate community like this one so far! Thus, we would like to thank you all for being here and for playing Knights & Dragons with us.

Anniversaries are a great chance to celebrate, but they are also perfect moments to take a moment to look back at what has been achieved and to set new goals to look forward to.

On top of the already announced event, we would like to share with you the achievements of this first year as well as the updated vision we established for Knights & Dragons for the upcoming one.

A quick look in the past:

When we started to run the operations of Knights & Dragons, we knew we wanted to put our mark on the game by improving the player experience. Sometimes itís easy for a new team to want to try to change everything but, for a game like KnD, we knew we wanted to stay true to what people already really liked and help improve the game by focusing on the most frustrating parts. So we put together our knowledge about the gameplay with your feedback through tickets, AMA, posts etc. to build a vision for where we could make the most impact on the game without breaking everything thatís already working well.

Our plan was the following:
ďImplement a safe, automated gameplay & rewarding environment for the players.Ē

This is why we introduced the following:

Auto pet second ability
Game Guardian Hack protection
Raid Boss Auto-ban
Frequent leaderboard & milestones reward optimization
Rare monster spawn drop
Item Login Reward
Treasure Hunt Revamp
Pet Evolution Family
Raid Boss Difficulty revamp (time efficiency)
Dark Knightís, Championís & Boss armorís chest content revamp
Community Event Milestones
Bait Energy queue up
Raid Boss Energy queue up (to be optimised)
New armor skill ďDouble strikeĒ
Crafting UI revamp
6x speed battle
Raid Boss attacker counter (currently on BETA)
Quick Armor Presets change (currently on BETA)

Where are we heading?

The motto that came naturally from our internal discussion on where to go from here is ďKnights & Dragons is HomeĒ. Itís a bit cheesy, we know, but it perfectly summarises the vision for the next year of development as itís based on three main pillars we will later on explain in details: **Reliability - Fun - Social**


Home is that cosy, reliable and peaceful place that gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. Home sweet home is what they say, right?

Our first pillar confirms our intentions in stable and fair game for everyone. Our idea of reliability for Knights & Dragons is made of stable performance, lower bug count and fight against cheaters and glitchers, as well as a higher transparency with the community and a smooth payment and rewarding system.

To make this and the other pillars possible, we would also like to introduce a wider testing process that will include the implementation of important changes, new content and optimisations on a subset of players in a live environment to gather your feedback, understand the impact and improve the release quality.

Additionally, another topic of importance to us is to improve the quality of our customer support. We know this has been a topic of frustration for many of you, and one thatís important to us as well. Weíve started to make some large changes to our team that should improve the quality of service soon.


As games age, it can be hard to keep the same experience fun and exciting. But games are supposed to be fun and we want you to have that great feeling that you had when you first started the game with us. And thatís why we decided to make fun one of our vision pillars.

We believe we achieved a lot in terms of optimising the gaming experience and the stability of the game and we think itís now time to look ahead and give you more options to enjoy playing Knights & Dragons. In order to do this, we will work hard on planning a regular development cycle to ensure all of our updates will deliver engaging content.

For the content itself, we are looking at multiple directions, starting from giving Knights & Dragons more options for a tactical driven gameplay and an improved gameplay experience.
We would like Knights & Dragons to always give you a reason to come and have fun, which means we will put a lot of effort into revamping existing events and use their full potential, as well as creating new events,features and systems for you to explore.


We strongly believe that social bonds are an essential part of Knights & Dragons, we like interacting with you, reading your feedback and we are big fans of all the external communication happening among all of you on different apps. We donít want to change this, on the contrary we made it the third of our pillar to never forget how important this aspect is for the game.

Our goals to improve the social aspect of the game include a higher presence from DECA on the community channels and improving the already existing social features. We want the community to become a component of the game, a project we already started by introducing community milestones in seasonal events like the Lunar New Year, and including options for content generated by you to make its way to the game through community contests and events.

We strongly believe, that with this vision in place we can deliver a lot more fun and an overall better experience for all of you!

An AMA to give you a chance to ask us any questions either on this vision or anything else you want to ask about the world of Knights & Dragons, will be planned for Tomorrow Friday, May the 11th and all the details about it will be shared tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Battle On,
The DECA Knights