View Full Version : Raid Boss Glitched energy and gems removal - Explanation

04-17-2018, 01:34 AM
Dear Knights,

What happened?

As you are aware, on Friday and Saturday we experienced some issues in the Raid Boss event that allowed to obtain multiple times the milestones rewards. One of the Global leaderboard servers was facing issues and this was the reason why the issue could not be reproduced on QA environment. The engineering team had to investigate on each instances of each leaderboard servers to pinpoint the issue. The issue was resolved on Saturday between 9pm and 10pm CEST.

As a consequence, we decided to remove the Raid Boss energy and the gems gained from the milestones that exceeded what could be potentially gained if the glitch wasn’t there. We also noticed that a substantial amount of players weren’t targeted in the removal and in order to be fair with everyone involved, their gems balance will be adjusted today.

We realised that there is some confusion about the removal, therefore we would like to explain in details how we approached the process. To prepare the removal, we checked all the energy and gems that have been received in each account through the milestones and deducted 58 (29 per raid) energies and 42 (21 per raid) gems, which is the maximum amount you can earn from reaching all the milestones regularly.

E.g. if you earned 100 energies through the glitch, 42 were removed (100-58).

This means that no energy you had before or you purchased was affected and the same calculation was applied to the gems and all the previously owned or purchased gems and energy wasn’t touched or considered. Additionally, this means that if a lot of this glitched energy or gems were consumed before the removal, it might feel like some of the previously owned or purchased gems and energy were removed.

We checked several accounts that claimed this but so far we could confirm, for all the cases we checked, that only the amount shown as a result of the calculation above were removed.


That said, the raid boss problems were due to technical issues on our side that forced us to postpone the event. Because of the inconvenience, we decided to send out an additional compensation on top of all the milestones rewards that will not be removed. In the next days you will receive:

30 gems (NA only)
3x season 11 shards
1x exclusive season 21 shard
4x jewelry fusion boosts II

Additionally, we will add a few more shards from past seasons in the milestones of the next Guild War and a special login event in the next days.

Please be aware that the process of compensation is done by item and it will take some time before everyone receive all the items.

Our most sincere apologies for the confusion of this last weekend, we are working to make sure this will not repeat.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights.