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03-30-2018, 10:34 AM
Hi it has been a while since I have been able to log in here as I had forgotten my password with an older nic.

Since there is no True Feedback area active in this forum now it seems and everything is now archived and mostly locked.

I have some suggestions for the site though as I have spoken with many others whom have the same issue essentially and it is keeping a lot of direct input to various games from the end users.

There needs to be a true feedback area which is two fold …
First there needs to be a way for those whom are not able to get their logins authorized properly able to post such a message, so an admin can see whats up to get the potential user authorized and able to post etc.
Second The rest of the Feedback area would be for those that are able to log in and finally post to be able to ask questions or add suggestions for the web site to improve it for ease of use and some sanity.

Since Gree essentially turned over most of the older Games also to Deca, and Deca is struggling with Bad code and various other issues with Servers etc., and are asking only a select few founders of various guilds from the various games for input and how to make the game better it is leaving a lot out of the loop so to speak and often the regular players do not get the info they need in timely fashions.

Gree of course is no longer doing the development and improvements to many of the games here as they are now creating newer games for the masses

This can be fixed with the forum here if certain things are fixed on the forum side also and Deca could have much better input on what is working and not working for regular players of all games this forum covers.

The big issue of course is being able to log in or create an account for login. It seems that When Gree was running the forum and I am not sure if they actually do still or not but, there was apparently a spam/email mod that was put into the forum that is now sadly out of date and it has and is still keeping many from being able to log in and to get the verification e-mails as well as any notification emails with the email addies they have tried to use. One has to jump through various hoops such as http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?97099-How-To-Missing-Your-Forum-Activation-Email which works sorta but only if one can log in to begin with due to the email blocks already implemented on the forum (and no I did not use a Hotmail email addy I have not used them for ages due to the spam etc from there in the past). This process of also reaching a mod or admin is also not easy as it took almost three weeks for my account to be reactivated due to my current email address being one of those being blocked. Thanks to those who helped me work on this and the Admin that finally enabled my account for posting also. But wow what a pain it was.

I know the forum is run with VBulliten Version 4.2.2 and to update it to the current version is a pain and would take a lot of rewriting of various code and add-ons that would need to be updated etc. The bigger issue is to get a handle on the add-on that was used to block the emails and to make more available than the ones currently only being allowed ... for example any and all German based e-mail is blocked, and I am unsure what other countries may be blocked of course. there are better add-ons even for the current version of VBulliten currently used here.

As a Mod for another Web Forum We don't block any e-mails but, we do monitor and ban certain users or individual e-mails/logins when there is an abuser. Yes we updated VBulliten some but not to the current newest versions and redid some of the add-ons, but we did it in a sane way and the Main admins and web admin there knows what is what and they also make sure that the mods are aware of the changes and the site is rarely down even in the transitions.

IF Gree/Deca wants more User input on either problems or suggestions with the games the Forum Admins and Web master here really needs to get a handle on this unless of course they are trying to totally kill their 5 games off that are attached to this forum to begin with.

IS Gree still running the Forum or have they handed it off to Deca? just curious there of course.

Input from others of course is appreciated especially if they have guild members that cant access and post to the forum anymore to help show maybe how this affects the players and the games.

Edit Addition From whos online: 2 members and 83 guests viewing the Form and most of the guests are looking up issues such as Epic Boss - Temporary Solution Most probably cant login to begin with is my guess and they probably would like to.