View Full Version : Extra Gold on Street Assault Goals

03-22-2018, 06:32 AM
Hi Mobsters,

We added a total of 1000 gold to goal rewards in the upcoming Street Assault this weekend “Beguiled Witnesses” as another part of compensation to the community for the server issues in January-February.

The individual goals with added gold rewards are the below:

[Day 1] Beguiled Witnesses I (1/5) : 300 Gold
[Day 2] Beguiled Witnesses I (2/5) : 300 Gold
[Day 3] Beguiled Witnesses I (3/5) : 400 Gold

Make sure you participate all 3 days so you don’t miss out!

And there’s more! On top of this, after discussing with your community representatives, we will be running 4 more similar SAs with additional 500 gold until the end of May.
Updates about which events and goals will have additional gold will be posted here.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and the extra loot!


03-28-2018, 07:19 AM
Hi Mobsters,

We are sorry for the inconvenience but there was a slip up on our side with the rewards of the below wrapper goals of the SA Beguiled Witnesses

Beguiled Witnesses Complete (1/2)
Beguiled Witnesses Complete (2/2)

Instead of the usual Battle for Empire City Health Regens, we had SA Deploy Regens as bonuses on the rewards.

To give you an opportunity to players who depended on the BfEC Health Regens, we have decided with your community representatives to put them as wrapper goals for the below 24H LTQs that will be running next week Monday and Tuesday.
The goal requirements for the -2% and -4% Empire City Health Regens are the below:

[24H LTQ] Steelyard Distress (Apr 2, 0:00 AM - Apr 3, 0:00 AM PDT): complete Steelyard Distress: Elite (15/15) for -2% Empire City Health Regen
[24H LTQ] Sleeper Hit (Apr 3, 0:00 AM - Apr 4, 0:00 AM PDT): complete Sleeper Hit: Elite (15/15) AND Sleeper Hit: Ultimate (6/6) for -4% Empire City Health Regen

Good luck!