View Full Version : Additional items for the Compensation Mega Bundle

03-15-2018, 10:43 AM
Hi Mobsters,

Regarding the Compensation Mega Bundle that was available the weekend of March 9-12, we decided with your community representatives to provide a mega bundle with the same deal as the Black Friday Mega Bundle that we ran last year in November.

Although the Compensation Mega Bundle that we ran last weekend contained the same amount of gold as the Black Friday Mega Bundle, unfortunately it did not contain the same refills and items in the packages.

To rectify this issue we are giving all players who have already purchased the bundle with the below missing Black Friday refills and items in quantities depending on the package tier purchased.

Assault Demon
Raid Boss Ammo Refill
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill
Empire Battle Health Refill
Stim Pack
Black Friday Assassin Blade (melee)
Black Friday Potato Cannon (gun)
Black Friday Electric Car (car)

The above sendout will happen by Friday, before the start of the weekend guild event.

For those of you who did not get the chance to purchase the bundle last weekend, we have reactivated the Compensation Mega Bundle in-game with the above Black Friday refills and items in addition to what was already in the bundle. So hurry and grab a pack before it expires on Friday 16th of March, 3PM PDT!

As an additional token of apology, we will also be gifting the strongest item Foul Play U-M2HB50 for every Compensation Mega Bundle package purchase of any tier. This sendout will happen only next week.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused but we hope you have fun in the events with these additional refills and items!