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01-12-2018, 01:03 PM
Hey guys,

In the communication on the January events, we mentioned a Login Event which will start on Monday. We want to show you what these planned rewards are before releasing it.

First of all the event start on Monday January 15th at 4pm CET (7am PST) and will be available until February 5th.

This Login event contains the rewards from the compensation for some issues during the Winter Events, the items from the bring your friends back (byfb) event as well as some extra items we have added because of the problems we have faced recently and to apologize for all the issues recently. We know it really isnít an enjoyable experience but we promise we are working on fixes as fast as possible.
You will notice we decided to change the armor reward in the bring your friends back in to 10 shards of that same season and so you guys can choose the armor you prefer.

Anyway let's get to the image:


We wanted to just repeat, that the next two raid bosses - the blitz and the main one will have their rewards given out 1 to 2 days as with the previous events.

Thank you again!