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01-11-2018, 05:10 AM
Hey guys,

We would like to clear up some confusion and miscommunication. Firstly the schedule that went out yesterday was only meant to be a draft of an idea we had and wanted to have feedback from the community representatives and was not intended for the general public. We apologize for any confusion it caused and will work on improving how we communicate ideas in the future.

Our goal was to try and get enough events scheduled so that everyone would have a chance to collect the necessary shards. Due to the disruptions we donít want peopleís time and effort to be for naught. That is still our intention, but decided to just simply things and as such:

We will stick with the originally planned calendar that we announced at the beginning of the month. We will pick up with a Guild War this weekend. We got mixed feedback from the community on whether to run a Raid Boss or Guild War, so we decided on Guild War because it would be less risky for us to quickly implement.

As such here is what you can expect:

Instead of totally cancelling the raid boss event and blitz war that was supposed to happen last week. We push those events back to the weekend of February 2nd. It will be a Spirit/Earth boss and we will be buffing the Yule Envoy Armor before the next Raid Boss.

By doing so, all players will have the opportunity to participate to all the Season 18 events instead of missing completely the Raid Boss and Guild War Event.

Season 18 (January), Season 19 (February) and Season 20 (March) will all have 4 week-end events instead of January only having 3 (due to the cancelled one), February 4 and March 5. This change means that the start of the month will not be directly linked to a new season. The start date of season 19 will be from February 8th and will end March 5th. Season 20 will start March 6th and finish on April 2nd.

There will also be a login event with some free items starting on Monday. In other news the Yule Envoy stats will be improved tomorrow morning.

The rewards for the events will stay the same as our adjustments should make sure nobody misses out on collecting the necessary items required.

To give you a better idea, here is a visual plan of what the schedule will be: https://i.imgur.com/Oa2pO7L.png

I know this is a bit last minute announce for those of you who thought it would be a raid boss, I want to emphasize that the previous planning that leaked was just a draft and in no way was it set in stone.

Thank you,

Regarding the Heroic Mode, this will also be starting tonight, January 11th at 8pm CET (11am PST) and will run for a week.