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01-03-2018, 10:12 AM
Dear Players,

After rounds of calculations and triple verification, we are now able to give you the final results of the winter holidays community event!
Let's start with the returning players, we saw a lot of new and returning players take part in the events.
Unfortunately, we have not reached the objective of 10,000.
However, we do think that we did not give you enough means to share your thoughts.
For example, in the future, we will create graphics that you guys will be able to share on Facebook

Let's now take a look at the one that was requested the most, the damage points community goal:
Level 1 - 100,000,000,000: Reached
Level 2 - 105,000,000,000: Reached
Level 3 - 115,000,000,000: Reached
Level 4 - 132,000,000,000: Reached
Level 5 - 167,000,000,000: Reached
Level 6 - 200,000,000,000: Reached
Level 7 - 300,000,000,000: Reached
Level 8 - 470,000,000,000: Reached
Level 9 - 600,000,000,000: Reached
Level 10 - 1,000,000,000,000: …. Drum roll…. Reached!

YOU DID IT! You hit Level 10! As most of you will recall, we lowered the community milestones by about a third after the raid was delayed and shortened. Even with all the extra energies we gave to players to make up for the lost day, we didn’t think the Community would be able to reach One Trillion Total Points. So, we had to run rounds of calculations with triple verification to confirm. The total damage afflicted to the boss was 1,075,048,993,966 points! It was a truly amazing job by players on all servers, with many players shattering their own personal bests in raids.

Expect your Yule Envoy armors to get a 46% stat boost within the next days. It will be an awesome armor during Spirit Month.

Since the winter holidays events did not run exactly as we wanted, we couldn’t help but notice how you guys were very patient and helped us through the process...
Thus, we extended the event until January 10th. You will have a little more time to farm for Snowmen in the Epic stages to fuse and upgrade.

On top of that, we increased the stats of the Carol Templar and we will send you the reward for the returning players mission!

A cape
jewelry fusion boosts
a season 4 shadow forge armor (10 shards so you can choose)

In the producer letter, We also mentioned some additional presents that will be sent in Early January:

1 season 18 exclusive shard
1 Silver Coin
2 Fusion Boost Ring II (Earth)
2 Fusion Boost Amulet II (Earth)

Please note that we still need some time to prepare everything.
Please expect the stats change and the delivery of the gifts to happen within 1 or 2 weeks.

Raid Milestones
Regarding the issue of the raid boss milestones reward, a new version of the game has to be pushed and thus submitted to the Apple appstore & Google playstore.
Due to the submission process and testing, it might take some time to get a fix, meaning that the next raid boss and blitz raid events would be then still affected.
For that reason, the milestones rewards will be manually sent 1 or 2 days after the end of the events. We are expecting a fix in this coming weeks.

Due to player requests, we will not have another Spirit/Fire Raid this weekend (starting the 5th of January). The Raid Boss will be Spirit/Air.

Great job again on hitting the Community Milestone! Thank you for your support and dedication and we wish you all a happy new year! We are committed to making 2018 a great year for Knights & Dragons!

Your KnD Team

London Knight
01-14-2018, 10:30 AM
Many players are still complaining that they never received ANY of their missing rewards ? I'm pretty sure I did get them ( Android ) but the amount of players that seem effected means that something went wrong ?
Just a heads up & any resolution I'm sure will be greatly appreciated :-)

London Knight
01-15-2018, 03:58 AM
And the 15/01 Blitz Raid Milestones ARE ONCE AGAIN NOT BEING PAID OUT ...

You've got a whole load frustrated players ranting at their devices at the moment ...

I know bugs & muck ups happen , but really guys this is getting annoying predictable now ...

Hope you get it sorted quickly & thanks for listening .