View Full Version : Server rollback EU - 12/23/17

12-23-2017, 06:39 AM
As it is our first rollback, we realized that rolling back would not reset the energy that has been glitched.
We, thus, decided to suspend players who intentionally abuse the system by getting a very (very) high number of energy and would affect tremendously the game balance.
This suspension will be temporary until we find a solution to wipe clean & clear those high Raid Boss energy number.

Also, if you miss any other items, please contact the support service.

Thank you,

Your KnD Team

Dear Players,

As you guys may know, it is the first time we will proceed to a server roll back.

Unfortunately, the most recent server save was after the event start.
We would need to do a roll back from December 21st.

We know that is a very unfortunate situation and we are deeply sorry about that.

We've added some extra goodies in the compensation for the EU players:
- 60 Raid Boss Energy
- 1 Harp String
- 2 Gale Vial
- 5 Silver Coins
- 5 Fusion Boost Armor Fire IV
- 2 Yule Envoy T6
- 3 Yule Envoy T5
- 80 Gems

Due to the rollback and additional items, the delivery might be slightly delayed.

Please note that the starter pack and gems purchased during the rollback will be resent but it will take some time due to the double verification.

Our deepest apologies,

Your KnD Team