View Full Version : December Winter Calendar 2017

12-01-2017, 07:52 AM
Greetings m'Lords and m'Ladies!

Decemb'r is almost h’re!!! We have a special event planned for you throughout it - the December Winter Calendar 2017!

Here’s how it works.

Starting from the 1st of Decemb'r, by logging into the game, each and everyone of thee shall obtain a Symbolic Gift + a Winter Token as a reward. The total amount of the Symbolic Gifts is 12. In case you miss on one 'r two of those folk because of the festivities, w'rry not! You shall receive a chance to obtain each of those twice till the 24th of Decemb'r! Keep in mind that those are scattered (at random) throughout this period, so you have to log in each day to find out which one you would receive!

Once you collect a c'rtain set of the Gifts (or all of them), you can use the Crafting Workshop (level 1 required) to craft the Grandiose components. The total amount of those is 3. In the end, if a player has all 3 Grandiose components, a unit (with a special bonus) can be crafted (again, via the Crafting Workshop). Note: the end-prize will be available starting the 25th of Decemb'r (not before that) till the 31st of Decemb'r.

Additionally, like in ev'ry month’s login rewards, thee shall have a Collection quest while gath'ring Winter Tokens.
Keep in mind that those tokens will be rewarded from the 1st of Decemb'r till the 24th of Decemb'r.

- Gather 7 tokens to receive the Blizzard Trebuche
- Gather 14 tokens to receive the Blizzard Marauder
- Gather 24 tokens to receive the Blizzard Drill Shark

Here is a scroll of all units, mentioned above!

Symbolic Gifts:
1. Serendipity Reindeer
2. Scarab Reindeer
3. Evergreen Reindeer
4. Sprinkles Reindeer

5. Twinkle Reindeer
6. Cloudringer Reindeer
7. Bumblebee Reindeer
8. Krystalworth Reindeer

9. Ephemeral Reindeer
10. Present Prankster
11. Gatesmasher
12. Snowstorm Spirit

Grandiose components:
1. Sitarsong (crafted with Symbolic Gifts 1,2,3 and 4)
2. Mischievous Jack (crafted with Symbolic Gifts 5,6,7 and 8)
3. Deadly Traitor (crafted with Symbolic Gifts 9,10,11 and 12)


Good luck, mighty warriors!