View Full Version : Moon...MoonTide Event!

11-23-2017, 08:52 AM
Dear Knights!

We all know that Moontide Platemail has a special place in the hearts of many of our players. Many of you wish they could use the armor but it is outdated and not realistically usable. But good news! We have found the relic of the Moonmoon... and managed to reinvigorate the armor into a Shadowforged armor. However, the armor needs your help to reach its maximum potential power! Gather all the armoons ...uhhh... armors and channel the power of Moontidel! The armor is available in 5 different tiers, each stronger than the next.

So here is a small explanation on how the event works:
In the login event we will be gifting one MoonTide Awakened T1 to everyone, you can fuse MoonTide Awakened of the same tier together.

Fusing two MoonTide Awakened T1 transforms them into a T2, fuse two of those to create a T3 and so on up to Tier 5. ALL the fusions are guaranteed.


These are the stats of the different tiers:


Tier 1 Armors are available in the Raid Boss, the Blitz War as well as a chest.
Go and fuse them all!

The KND Team