View Full Version : Producer Letter #7 Halloween Events - 2017/11/22

11-22-2017, 04:35 AM
Dear Players,

We wanted to give you an update and bring transparency to what happened during the Halloween event.
First of all, we would like to tell you that it was really exciting to read all the feedback and comments you had regarding the event itself. We really want to engage the community in new ways and seeing that you guys were having fun and trying to guess the stats or the next steps was really cool!

The idea:
We’ve had this idea ever since we started working on KnD and saw all its potential. We wanted to implement an event that would be for all, community driven, unique and spice it up with a bit of competition. We spent a lot of time in front of a whiteboard writing up ideas. We wanted to put an aspect on collection and make you guys go through multiple activities of this game. The rare drop in the zone fields was especially exciting because it was never used before. In the end, we do think that the final idea of the event was quite challenging... and you guys blew it up!

The tracking issues & results:
Now, you are aware that this event was unfortunately impacted by some issues on the technical side. Basically, we need to query data to review who managed to collect the armors and so on. However, the first of November was also the date that marked the end of Gree US. Due to some services being affected by the shutdown in an unforeseen way, we had a gap of data between the 31st of October and 1st of November. That is why, the first announce of the results were different that you guys were expecting and it is also the reason for some people not receiving the right rewards the first time around. We apologize again for this and we own this issue, we heard you loud and clear.
We spent nights trying to go through the different databases to retrieve data and we were happy to see that you guys exceeded all the milestones with the small exception of one of the community ones but we were impressed by your effort so we decided to grant it to you anyway.

The rewards:
The mass gifting is not an easy process with the game as it has to go through different steps.
It took a longer time to prepare the sending as you guys really pulled out all the stops and crushed it! Every participant should have received all the items by now. If not please contact our customer support team!
By the way, we would like to emphasize again that switching accounts can cause a loss of data and this caused some players to have their rewards go missing.
We do not recommend switching accounts at all but if you do (at your own risk), please force save your account by switching armors. Since we faced some issues during the halloween event, we will make an exception and even refund the rewards, even if the loss was caused by account switching.

We are aware that there were issues from our side and as always, we do not shy away from taking responsibility for these. In addition to these issues, we also experienced some server issues last night in the game. We do want to apologize for the issues it might have caused.
We have seen a lot of positivity on the community channel and that is why we would like to send you the following items by the end of next week as a thank you gift:
- 2 silver coins
- 5 Water fusion boost armors III
- 1 Time Piece
- 1 Obeah Form

To conclude, we are super happy to see the success of this event and looking forward to the next one (Christmas huh?!). However, we deeply apologize for the issues that happened during the halloween event. We love to make you happy but we are aware that we have not reached the state that we are gunning for yet. We will continue to work towards having our live operations be free of mistakes. We appreciate your patience and support towards the long life of Knights and Dragons.

Your KnD Team