View Full Version : Update: Halloween 2017 Community Event Reward Sending

11-15-2017, 08:52 AM
Hey guys,

I just wanted to update you regarding the Halloween Rewards.
Some of you already received your gifts while some of you haven't received them yet...But don't worry!
The sending is still in progress! I will update this post to announce it once it is all done.

Regarding the jewelry set of the Lich Soulharvester, we've noticed the issue with the stats and we will fix it.
Unfortunately, we cannot send "plus" version of the armors via mass gifting so we bumped the base stats of the armor (similar to what we do for Fusion Tree Armors).

Please be patient, the rewards are coming soon! We know that you are all excited and can't wait for the rewards, but until the full payout is done, the support team will not be able to help. However if you are missing something after we've sent everything, feel free to contact support for help.
As you can imagine, it is the first time that an event like this was done and it will definitely take us a lot of time to proceed with all the sendings.
Actually... more time than we expected ... Good job ;)