View Full Version : The Great Pumpkin Truth! - Rhymed Passes distribution

11-03-2017, 01:17 PM
Hi everyone!

Some of you may have already noticed that we have distributed 5 Rhymed Passes to the community. If you have not yet grabbed them, they will be available until the end of “The Great Pumpkin Truth!”.

We decided to send these tokens as the Halloween event was originally designed to give all of you the possibility to participate in various events, while having the opportunity to receive a nice reward that differs from the usual. However, the progression on the Rhymed Mayhem lockbox proved itself tougher than expected.

As mentioned, we wanted most of you to have the opportunity to receive the final Halloween rewards and therefore we decided to help out the community in completing the first requirement for the " The Great Pumpkin Truth!" mission by giving out an extra 5 tokens to all participants. This should drastically increase your chances of receiving the final prize!
And for those who already completed this requirement, worry not! We will be sending to all the concerned accounts an additional unit with a permanent bonus of 4% Street Assault Point increase for your next wars!

Prepare yourself! It’s time to dance with Sinatra along with a mobbing a few of your rivals!