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10-20-2017, 10:02 AM
Dear Knights,

While it may seem that we have been focusing all of our efforts on revamping events, tweaking rewards & setting up countermeasures to prevent cheaters from impacting the competition, the truth is that our development team is also working on various other features. Whether they tie to the gameplay experience or lean towards “quality of life” improvements, we would like to give you some insight on what is currently being developed for Knights and Dragons. Please keep in mind that these are still in development, meaning that there is currently no set date for their release.

Pet Evolution System

Have you ever noticed how your pets sometimes evolve into something that looks completely different? Yeah, we know you have… and so have we! This is the reason why we are currently working on a feature allowing us to prevent that. Once the feature is fully developed, we will start applying these changes to the Epic pets first. It will prevent, for instance, a dragon pet to turn into a bear pet, or a dog pet to turn into a cat pet, or… well, you get the idea. With this feature, you will be able to keep evolving your pets without fearing for an unexpected transformation and will therefore have more control over your Party’s pets!

Hunting Grounds

Those of you who often use the Hunting Grounds have told us how impractical it can be to use up all your baits. With the way that it’s currently set up, one must indeed go through waves and waves of enemies in order to use all the baits that they have collected. We understand that these fights are not the most compelling and can even turn into a chore. To remedy these kinds of situations, we are working on a feature that would allow you to build up a “queue” of fights and let these fights play out automatically. In other words, you would be able to select 20 baits (or less) at once and queue them up so that all of the fighting involved is done automatically (as long as your knights do not run out of HP) while you can focus on real life chores. This should directly address some of the complaints we have received about the Hunting Grounds and will hopefully renew your interest in this area of the game, especially once it’s combined with our next entry on the list…

…Hunting Ground Events! Now here’s a feature that was often requested by the community. Some elements were already introduced by the previous development team but the feature was not completely finished.That explains why you currently see the “Rewards” & “Leaderboards” tabs in the Hunting Grounds interface. We have picked up where they left off, investigating what are the requirements and hope we can tell you more about it in the upcoming months.

Raid Boss security improvements

Our last point brings us back to the countermeasures we are setting up against cheaters. There isn’t much to go into details here, as these are mostly backend improvements to prevent cheaters from spoiling the competition during Raid Boss events, however this is one of our development team’s priorities.


Update on the recent Treasure Hunt Chest issue

We know we have been very quiet on the subject and that you want answers and followups on what we are going to do about it, and for that we do want to apologize. First things first, we want to be clear about what happened. We made a mistake, shards were added into the chest instead of 3 and 10 keys. Usually these mistakes are caught in testing but in this instance, it was missed and that is unfortunate and our responsibility. We understand that those who got the shards are happy while those who didn’t feel left out and disappointed. We have been discussing the possibility of removing the shards from the players' inventories but decided against it as it was not their fault. But we also feel like those who saw the issue and decided to not abuse it or became aware of it later, deserve a little love. We will be sending out the following items to everyone who did not abuse the chest:

- 3 Silver Coins
- 2 season 16 shards (season 16 starts in November)
- 10 Shade Essences

These items will be sent out during the last week of October.

UPDATE 11/02: Due to feedback we decided to change the Shades Essences to Drakeberries.

We want to apologize once again for this and tell you that we have taken the necessary actions to best prevent this kind of issue to appear once again.

Thanks a lot for reading and for your ongoing support!

Until next time!

The KnD Team

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