View Full Version : October Blitz Events

09-29-2017, 04:20 AM
Dear Knights,

As you have probably seen on the calendar, there are 5 blitz events this month. We have decided to actually organize it this way:

10/02: Fusion Fighter Blitz
10/09: Blitz Raid Boss
10/16: Fusion Fighter Blitz
10/23: Raid Boss Blitz
10/25: Fusion Fighter Blitz (Wednesday)
10/30: Fusion Fighter Blitz

So as you can see, only 1 Raid Boss Blitz event this month and 4 Fusion Fighter ones.
The reasoning behind this decision is that we want to revamp the rewards and the way they are ran. But also we know that there are still some players who enjoy running them which is why there is still one planned this month. But until we are satisfied it will stay to one a month.

As for how the Bling will be distributed, we are planning on putting a little surprise in one of them to avoid duplicates, but that is not for now, we will bring it up closer to the event.

We are also taking in to account the feedback you've given us here over the last weeks to make the events great again!
Thanks a lot,
The KnD team