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09-21-2017, 04:04 AM
Dear Knights,

About a month has passed since we had our AMA session with the community and we have been busy working on improving the game based on your direct feedback, so let’s go through the latest changes that we have made.

Armor crafting time

Now this is something that a lot of you were asking about and that we wanted to change as soon as possible. With armors being such a central element to the game, it just seemed like the time needed for an armor to finish crafting was unnecessarily long, especially for armors which are not that recent anymore. Therefore, we reduced the crafting time in general but you will notice that the times are still scaled, based on the armors stats. This means, for instance, that it will still take longer to craft the latest Shadowforged armor than any Dragonforged armor.

Event Rewards

This is still a recurrent topic because this remains an ongoing process. Our aim is to make rewards more appealing to all kinds of players and therefore encourage the competitive aspect of KnD, while keeping the game balanced. The latest improvements we made in that regard were on the Arena, which we’ve changed considerably compared to what they had been for the past several months. Epic Boss will see some changes soon as well!
We are also making slight changes to Guild Wars & Raid Bosses rewards, based on the regular feedback that we get from the community.

As you may have noticed, we replaced gems with valuable items in the Epic Boss milestones. Even though it was a hard decision to make, we have decided to make this change in order to prevent cheaters from using Arena and Epic Bosses to abuse Raid Boss & Guild wars events, until we are able to deploy a fix. This change will also be reflected in the Arena Milestones. Additionally, we are sending everyone a gift containing 10 Gems, 10 Epic Boss energy & 10 Arena Energy. We will be sending out a little something every week until we can deploy a more permanent fix.

While we understand that this feels like a shortfall for most players - some of you already pointed out that this represents a loss of around ~40 Gems for the week, depending on how much effort you invest - we would like to emphasize on the fact that it will help us clean up the competition in Guild War & Raid Boss events by at least slowing down some of the cheaters considerably.

EDIT: click here for a follow-up on that topic. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?123581-Update-on-removed-gems-from-Arena-and-Epic-Boss-milestones)

Revamp of recurrent / permanent chests

Speaking of rewards, this brings us to the topic of permanent chests. This is also something that was discussed during the AMA because the content of these chests had been established a long time ago and does not fit well into the current state of the game anymore. At this point we have already revamped the content of the Bossarmor Chest & the Dark Prince’s Chest. Next on the list are Enchanted Chest, Champion’s Chest and Heroic Loot Chest.

New version available on the store

A new version of KnD (1.46) is available for you to download on the store! Aside from various back-end improvements, there are new features that we would like to comment on:

Anti-hack system improvement
We have added more protective measures to prevent event glitching.
This is definitely another one of these “ongoing” processes, but each patch brings us closer to our goal: making the game fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Auto second ability for Pets
After several weeks of internal and beta testing, the feature is now available to everyone (provided that you have downloaded the latest version)! You can now set your pet’s second ability to trigger automatically during combat. Head to the Options Menu to activate it, in the “Auto Settings” tab.


New Login Event Feature
With this new feature, we are introducing an additional set of Login rewards to KnD. This will not replace the current daily login rewards, but serves as an extra which will allow us to have limited time login events, hence giving out different types of items than what can currently be obtained when logging in every day. As you may remember, we were doing these events manually in the past under the brand of player appreciation weeks. With the new system the rewards will be instant once they become available and there should be less issues with receiving them, compared to the manual version. If all goes well, we are planning to run the first Login Event at the end of this month, so stay tuned.

Thanks a lot for reading and for your ongoing support!

Until next time!

The KnD Team

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