View Full Version : Recent issues - 2017/08/28

08-28-2017, 07:07 AM
Dear Knights,

We wanted to reach out to you once more, following the recent issues affecting your experience in the realm of Knights and Dragons. While we would love to blame it all on the Dark Prince, these multiple issues were in fact due to a mix of technical failures - out of our control - and other more avoidable errors. Therefore, we feel like we owe you more than apologies and would like to make it up to you by offering various forms of compensation.

First off, we have already sent War energy to all players who were affected by the faulty War points calculation. Today we have also refunded all the Gems spent on War energy during the “first” Guild War on EU (the war that started Friday and was then interrupted until Saturday) to the affected EU players.

However there was more than just the Guild War issues. As mentioned in a recent communication, we are aware of the issues affecting Heroic Mode. Moreover, we have had to make last minute adjustments to the Shroomogon Raid Boss’ rewards and we know that this can be very unsettling for you. Lastly, we realized that the Player Appreciation Week has created confusion amongst a lot of players due to its content and to the way it was distributed.

Our next step will be a compensation package, which will be a collection of various items that will hopefully help you in your quest for power and glory. It will consist of:

1 Zenith Shard
1 Crystowl Fragment
1 Dragon Coin
3 Dragon Keys
Fusion Boost Armors & Fusion Boost Jewelries

Due to the fact that we need to collect data on affected players and that the latter will likely be a high number, please be advised that these items will probably be sent by early next week.

Thanks again for your understanding and your support!

The KnD Team