View Full Version : Guild War Issue - 2017/08/25

08-25-2017, 11:28 AM
**UPDATE 2** 08/26 2PM CEST // 5 AM PDT: The issue is now resolved. Additionally, the War energy refund is being sent as of this writing, so you can expect to receive it over the course of the day. Thank you for your patience!

**UPDATE** 08/26 12:30PM CEST // 3:30 AM PDT: Unfortunately, despite our internal tests performed overnight on our testing environments, the point calculation is still incorrect on the Guild War event that started on EU. We are continuously investigating the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear players,

Due to issues on the side of our server providers, we were having problems with the guild war and guild chat. Issues were encountered on both EU and NA servers.

We will delay the Guild War on NA servers. It will start 24h later at 11am PDT on August 26th and last 48 hours instead of 72. We are working on sending out some free energy for the war but cannot yet promise that it will arrive on time for the start of the war. We will update you here once it is paid out.

At the same time the EU event was unfortunately already launched when the issues occurred. We will be shutting this event down and relaunching it to start at 12pm CEST on August 26th. Every milestone reward you have been able to achieve, you will be able to keep. We will work on refunding the energy used but will only be able to pay these out over the course of next week. As on the NA server, we will try to give out additional free energy in time for the upcoming war. Same as above, update to follow.

We apologize for these issues and are also looking into giving out something nice in addition to what we described above for both these and the Heroic Mode by the end of next week.

Thanks for your understanding, we will keep you posted!

Your KnD team