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08-10-2017, 05:00 AM
Dear Knights,

It has been a little over a month since the last Producer Letter, and while the closed KnD Subreddit is now up and running, we still wish to use the Producer Letter to speak directly to the whole community. As with the last letter, we would like to give you some updates on what’s currently happening in the realm of KnD and what to expect in the future.

KnD Closed Subreddit

Most of you probably saw the in-game banner about the creation of a KnD Subreddit, a few weeks ago. Following that announcement, we sent a message to several Guild Masters & Alliance leaders. We are already receiving valuable feedback thanks to the members involved, whether it’s about events or core gameplay mechanics. From what we have seen, some of the suggestions are in line with what we have in mind for the future of the game, which means a lot to us. It is a bit early to talk about how this will actually translate into the game, but we can already say that we are investigating on having an option to automatically trigger the Pets’ second ability. So in general, we are glad to see that we are on the same page! As we move forward, we will be looking to add more members to the subreddit both via referrals and also selected from smaller alliances & guilds.

KnD Public Subreddit

We also want to make sure that meaningful and confirmed information has enough reach and we also want to give you the opportunity to ask us some questions you are dying to get off your chest. For this, we will be setting up an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on the public subreddit sometime this month. We will announce it more in details as the date comes closer. We want to also set these up in more regular intervals so that you don’t miss out on any important bits.

Cheaters and Bannings

This may seem like a recurrent topic, as we have already addressed it in the last Letter, but we feel like this is important enough to be mentioned here once more.
We have been working hand in hand with the development team to keep improving our methods, as well as coming up with ways of preventing cheaters to operate in the first place. This remains one of our top priorities, so that everyone can fully enjoy the game without having to worry about illegitimate players / guilds.

We are happy to say that the number of cheaters has already decreased, consequently reducing the number of bans we’ve had to deal with. There is always room for improvement, which is why we will continue putting work into this, especially into developing effective protection against cheats.


We’ve said it before, our team’s main priority when taking over operations of KnD was the game’s stability, addressing some of the core issues, while also making the transition to be as smooth as possible. The same events are now running on both EU & NA servers and while we will keep optimizing these processes, we would like to also start focusing on the community.

We strongly believe that the community is one of the main ingredients for an online game like KnD to successfully perdure. It is no secret that Knights all over the world have created long-lasting bonds with their fellow guild members and even alliance members.

This is the reason why we would like to engage with you more and give you more opportunities to engage with other players. Our first step towards that will be to make use of the existing KnD Facebook page, which has unfortunately been left aside during the transition. We have started looking into it and are thinking of ways to “revive” the page. Hence you can expect a few new Facebook posts over the next weeks, as we will be testing the waters.

Until next time!

Your KnD Team

Public Reddit Post (https://www.reddit.com/r/Knightsanddragons/comments/6ssyuo/producer_letter_2017810/)
Facebook Post (https://www.facebook.com/knightsanddragonsgame/posts/1511475245603607)