View Full Version : August Cycle Update

08-02-2017, 09:35 AM
Hello Crime City Mobsters!

With Spooneron’s last post, you read that a new team has taken over the operations of Crime City.

I am Codeus, you can think of me as a kind of "Consigliere" here. And with my colleague Karrazz who's going to be your “Bug Exterminator” (please check his presentation here (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?123434-August-Cycle-Update)), we are delighted to get the chance to assist you as much as we can through the forum.
As for me, I will make sure that you consistently get the last news about the game and that you receive all the relevant info whenever there is something unexpected going on.

Last time I got the chance to check, my file says that I’m a real gamer who enjoys spending hours in front of a good rpg as much as racing games, so if you got something to recommend, I'm all ears. Apart from that, when I am not busy making sure that all your great events make it to the game, I enjoy my life embracing two sins, Rum and Cigars! There's so much to say about that and so much to not say...

Anyway, I like to go straight to the point so now I am here to share with you the major events that we planned for August 2017:

• Battle for Empire City – Chinatown Splash (08/04 to 08/07)
• Hate&Revenge – Tin How Swarm (08/07 to 08/16)
• Street Assault – Gum Saan (08/11 to 08/14)
• Battle for Empire City – Red Dragon (08/18 to 08/21)
• Hardcore Boss – Chris Jackson (08/21 to 08/25)
• Street Assault – Zai Jian (08/25 to 08/28)
• Raid Boss – Jenny Lee (08/28 to 09/01)

That’s all for now, I am sure you will enjoy the fight. Have a wonderful day! :cool: