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06-30-2017, 12:41 PM
Hello Crime City Mobsters,

Greetings! As you may have heard, a new team has taken over the operations of Crime City, I am the new lead for the game. We first started working on CC a couple of months ago as the old team helped ramp us up. Since then I have been following your exchange with NS quite closely. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support during this transition phase. The help that we have received in terms of bug reports, feedback and suggestions has really made it possible for us to get a foothold of the daily operations. As NS must have mentioned to you several times, our plan is to take small steps towards changing things as we want to avoid breaking anything in the established ecosystem. Having said that, starting July, you will already find us taking some steps towards incorporating your feedback into the upcoming events.

Let me give you a quick sneak peak into the major events planned for July:

Battle for Empire City
June, 30th 2017

*SE- Buildings
July, 1st 2017

*SE Independence Day Login Reward
July, 4th 2017

*SE Independence Day Item Sale
July, 4th 2017

Raid Boss
July, 3rd 2017

Street Assault
July, 7th 2017

Hate and Revenge [Edit]
July, 10th 2017

*SE Mega Bundle
July, 17th 2017 (EDIT)

Battle for Empire City
July, 14th 2017

Street Assault
July, 21st 2017

Hardcore Boss
July, 24th 2017

*Weekend Break
July, 28th 2017

Raid Boss
July, 31st 2017

*SE=Special Event

A bit of an insight into the Special Events
SE Buildings- Building costs and upgrade times have been reduced to half. Let us ‘Build’ strong cities together :)
SE Independence Day Login Reward- Small token of gratitude on Independence day
SE Independence Day Item Sale- Deals with new items containing popular bonus types
SE Mega Bundle- Attractive In-App Purchase (IAP) offer that was promised as a compensation by NS

On top of this, we will try to present to you a new building, a Time Limited Quest that you can enjoy with your guild, a Time Limited Quest that would give you Syndicate Materials and a Building Sale to make old buildings available again. Also the Daily Login Rewards for the month (starting from July, 4th) will contain Syndicate Upgrade Materials on several days and all other standard events such as Leaderboards, Quests, Crates, Bundles will be distributed across the month.

Hope these events will make the month fun and interesting for you and you can expect more of our presence going forward in the forums!!


EDIT [11th July 2017]

Hello Mobsters,

Apologies for not posting an explicit note about the Mega Bundle. Due to some testing dependencies the Mega Bundle will arrive from the 17th of July 2017.