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06-27-2017, 01:58 PM

I have a secret to share about improving the game with Deca, it should be worth many special pixel trinkets, but I'm not really bothered about pixel trinkets anymore.

I buy a little gold for WD, maybe £30-£40, which I see as a cheap round down the pub, I do not spend to win pixel trinkets or to boost stats (SHOCK!)

Cash is spent whilst having a few beers and chasers with 60 buddies around the world, the game brought us together then managed to distance itself from us, we use to chat daily on this forum but that to distanced itself.

We like 99% of all other factions use one of two better social media platforms to communicate whilst playing the game - I feel the core group of players / spenders use the game not to win trinkets but to compete against each other whilst having fun, you will know about leader chatrooms for arranging battles, wars and for bragging rights, all of that could have been here, the game would have developed and grown, not stalled.

I have been around for over 5 years and mingle with some top factions, I have read the scripts and listened about changes and new things coming, I have also seen players try to help and some get shutdown or ignored, you will see one of my posts with a genuine question about the lockbox prizes stacking, as expected no admin replied.

I may be a clown but I think the priority is getting the game working, there are so many problems and the developers (from my opinion) either don't quite understand or even realise how the little errors can turn into big ones.

Just one note from the latest online meeting which hopefully examples my point, someone brought up the matter of battle points not working, it was briefly discussed and noted that the percentage was out by 2 or 3 x what it should be, someone did question this but it was passed over…

I had been the ‘Prime General’ for a long time, for the past month or two I’m getting as low as 6.9k BP for a P ‘VS ‘P single win (average 300k) and up to - 70 MILLION BP for a single loss (average - 50 MILLION BP) this means it could take me hundreds if not thousands of wins to make up for 1 loss?!, this is clearly not ‘x2’ out

I have dropped 6 ranks and honestly, I’m not that bothered, my point is your players will not be able to buy replacement or new units as they drop levels (I’m guessing most like myself will have plenty of those units with the excess billions in Gree cash we couldn’t spend), some won’t, new players will not level and won’t be able to buy units or progress in the game, points will drop as ranks do etc…

Therefore, that one little battle points error which was brushed over could in fact be one of the big problems costing both new and old players, and it has been like this for weeks and weeks…

my secret….

“Caring is a powerful business advantage”

Twist of Cain
06-27-2017, 02:50 PM
I remember when players actually cared about obtaining the next rank. When someone in our faction would rank up we would all congratulate them. It's a good thing all of those players are now gone....they would be pissed to see their hard work destroyed. Keep up the good work DECA

06-28-2017, 04:48 AM
One big part of the game is this forum.

You do not get more fun than you make by yourself and I learn early, not to play with my self.

06-28-2017, 05:45 AM
One big part of the game is this forum.

You do not get more fun than you make by yourself and I learn early, not to play with my self.

And there lies the crux of grees problems, for too long the players have and were kept out of the loop by the developers, anybody remember when we got regular updated information about game developments,new units, new features etc? Home neither!
Social media is the most powerful tool free had, and yet the Facebook page hasn't had a modern war related post put up in 2 years, in fact the last gree post was about another game.
People would ask questions on your wall. What reply did they get? From gree the answer is zero, other players would give responses, not always accurate but responses all the same.
And now we have deca, the great white(other colours are available) hope, who have seemingly taken the gree school of communication 101 course and are keeping us in the dark.
It's ok having the player rep meetings a great idea, but when only a chosen few are apparently in the loop and the vast majority haven't a clue what is going on is it any wonder that factions are shutting shop and players call it a day.
All we want is to know what is going on.
Please can we have some information?

06-28-2017, 08:53 AM
One big part of the game is this forum.

You do not get more fun than you make by yourself and I learn early, not to play with my self.

I completely agree with your first sentence, but to have any hope DECA would have to shut down this forum and start something new, the technology wouldn't cost them anything (this is an area I work in myself) but it would require their time to oversee and monitor a new forum, this is the perfect time though and they could get all the ideas of what to do by copying what the players and leaders have done on other forums and social media sites.

With regards to your second sentence, I'm sorry but I do have to disagree completely! but then I have been married for 20 years LOL!