View Full Version : Announcement Regarding Blue and Moon Fang Pet

05-15-2017, 04:51 PM
[Update 2017/5/25]

We are aware that some players did not receive a compensation pack.
We are looking into the issue and will send the pack as soon as possible.

Brave Knights,

We have completed the compensation process for the issue with this season’s air pet.

Who has received compensation?
Anyone that reached at least tier 2 for the air pet before the balancing of the Epic Air Pet (5/15)

What did they receive?
Players were given various amounts of pets and gold. They also get to keep the pet they created.

Why didn’t players get exactly what they had spent back?
There was no way for us to revert player’s pet leveling and fusion individually. There are also some limitations of the current system for what we can grant into a player’s account. Based on this, we decided the best solution was to analyze the data and come up with more generic compensation based on the effort a player put into evolving the pet.

Your KnD team

[Update 2017/5/18]
We would like to update everyone on the current progress regarding this season’s air pets.
After a lot of analysis, we have decided that it’s the best option to keep this season’s air pets the way they currently stand (the original design). The misconfigured version was too overpowered and modifications in a similar vain would necessitate a large rebalance.

Instead we have decided to focus on compensation which is what is taking a long time. There are many details that are needed such as which Tier was reached and what was used to get there.

We will let everyone know more when the details are finalized to share. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Your KND team

What happened?
Earlier today we made a change to adjust the Shatter Shield Ability from ability 3 to ability 2 on the Blue and Moon Fang Pet.

Why was this done?
We did this because it became clear to us at the end of the recent Raid Boss event that the pets were misconfigured and it was causing an imbalance that could potentially cause damage to the game and some players.

As soon as we saw that it was causing an issue we decided we had to make a change quickly before it got even worse. We decided the “least bad” option (based on our current skill and experience level with the game) was to implement the originally intended design as soon as possible to reduce the risk of permanent imbalance.

I’m upset, what else will be done?
We know a lot of players who fused to unlock the skill are upset about the change. To these players we’d like to reassure you that we are looking at making this better and reviewing a myriad of potential solutions to hopefully make this right (or at least better). Whatever the end solution ends up being, we will be granting compensation for the affected players.

We are sorry that this issue has occurred and ask for your patience and understanding as we work through the options. We will be updating you as soon as there is something to share.

Why did the mistake happen?
We fully own up to the fact that the mistake happened and it should not have happened. But for context and understanding we’d like to explain more…

In our last message we mentioned that we were taking over the game and that the current team was helping us get ramped up. This process has been extremely challenging as there is a lot to learn and also lots to do to keep the game running as normal. Not to mention the teams are in different locations and timezones, making everything more difficult.

This season’s pets and events were executed in the midst of the handover as responsibilities were transitioning and knowledge being transferred from one team to another. The design was done fine, but there was small mistake made in choosing of the wrong ability number from a small list box in our configuration tool. The tools are let’s say, not the best.

We, the new team, were on point for the QA and release of the season. And simply we missed this issue during our checks and were not experienced enough to have discovered the issue faster. And so we must deeply apologize for the issue and hope you stick with us as we try to do the right things for the game.

Your KnD team