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Vile Lynn
05-10-2017, 12:22 PM

Room Service Rumble

05.08-05.12... Roadhouse Broil - LTQ

05.08-05.12... Arliene Sims - RB

Uzi Issue, fixed! (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?123226-5-9-2017-Event-Calendar-and-Raid-Boss-Issue)

05.10-05.17... Early Bird Quest - LB

05.12-05.15... Lodging Tiff - LTQ

05.12-05.15... Motel Madness - SA

05.15-05.24... Customer Clash - H&R*

05.15-05.19... Shelter Shuffle - LTQ**

05.17-05.24... Roadhouse Investigation - LB

05.19-05.22... Room Service Rumble - BfEC

05.19-05.22?... Spa Riot - LTQ


Next Cycle: TBA... (info from Goals List)
05.22-05.27?... Crib Tussle - LTQ


Thanks to NS for confirming corrected dates!
* H&R dates confirmed above.
** Shelter Shuffle LTQ dates confirmed above.

Current events are in bold.
MP = Master Plan, AKA The Globe
LB = Lock Box
LTQ = Limited Time Quest
EB = Epic Boss
HCB = Hard Core Boss
H&R = Hate & Revenge
RB = Raid Boss
SA = Street Assault
BfEC = Battle for Empire City, AKA War!
?? = who knows?

All events are scheduled to begin at 3PM PT and end at 2PM PT
...except for RB which begins at 6PM PT and ends at 12 noon PT.

Thanks to Greg for identifying event types!

Limited Time Building (LTB): Power Pod Hotel

LTB Goal: Power Pod Hotel & Power Pod Hotel Collections, thru 05.31

All building info can be found here. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?102804-LTB-Sheet-All-Buildings!!!) Thanks BrisingrBoss!

Everything is subject to change without notice or reason.
Most MP info can be found in game
This is complied for players, by players :)