View Full Version : 12 Days of Winterfest Winners Listing!

The Dark Prince
01-10-2017, 10:14 AM
The Knights and Dragons team is proud to announce winners for the following events from December. We thank EVERYONE who contributed. It was truly wonderful!

Random Login Winners
All players who logged in December 25th received 1x Silver Coin!


Design An Armor Winners!

iOS Winner: TC Mystogan
Armor: Tribal Cuirass

Android Winner: At ChiGga SoB
Armor: Mechanized Kamikaze

Design A Boss Winners!

iOS Winner: DC Sateshis Touch
Boss: Vulcan Aquasius

Android Winner: UFFS><sagEshädoW
Boss: Atavistic Golem



Sir Braahn KoT and Retro Virus KoT were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
sky OG and OG WildThing WiT were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
DK Herro and DK Max TNT were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
CMD BeastPlaya and CMD Sam were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
OP John ICE and OP Zombie ICE were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
GR Solaris and Prime CENT Will were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
TDP Devil TNT and Jeff TNT were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
NA Solaire and NA Sylvan were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Ice Arria and Supa Jugs were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
THE VOID and Damned Gh0st were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!


Papi Ivan and Chapo were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
TDH HC Prodigy and TDH HC Stanford were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
RYNO and Spartan410 were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
Line Id Hajek and Badazz Brawler were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Skullduggery and SS Reco LGX were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Unity James and Vodka of Unity were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
OGOF Matrix and OGOF William were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
DoB Ferrero and DoB KANE LoD GM were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Lola bunny and Bugs bunny were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Aunshi and Greatwolfman were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!



sylvanus and Erza scarlet were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
dai and TFO WHITEEHH DR were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
OG Titan B Rob and Narco TFO BVR were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
DG Raven and DG JoeJoe were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
UFFC FafaCharles and UF FC HC HADES were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Tp Areeb B4L and TP AUDACIOUS ACE were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
ADL Soul J LXFE and ADL DrIsaak LXFE were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Gandalf SO and Sony were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Gwayne and UF SG KING D were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Machette and Fox were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!


Wolfie and DL Lizzie were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
Mp Diel and Ace Of Spades were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
Cherno Alpha and Fraggs were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
MS JMan and Mal Cam were gifted Firestorm Halberd!
RR Abel TOUCH and RR CrownClown13 were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Clegane and Mauritz were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Velqua and Velnix TOUCH were gifted Frosthorn Wraithplate!
ANGLACHEL and RAYEARTH were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
Aatrox and NaFaNa were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!
MP Eaglelandt and DK Tigerkon were gifted Terraveil Stormcoat!

Random Login Winners!


Jeff of Lore Of The Evil was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
Griffith of Coolerts was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
Bryce of Temple of the Light was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
Tom of The Greatest was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
Jakeo of Avaloki was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
SKULL CRUSHER of F3AR SQUAD was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
CR Rainbow of Chaos Realm was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Sperino of (No Guild…potential recruit!) was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
DemonBoy6868 of BlueFlames6868 was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
Lelanddf of DutchFighters was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
FDP Zer0Mark of ForgeDragons Path was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
Cole of Tokyo Joe was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!


MonsterBoy of ARIES DEATH DEALERS was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
TD Slicer of De Don't Relent was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
ROYAL ORDER of Kingz and Queenz was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
EVIL JR of The Elder Scrolls was awarded Firestorm Halberd!
CP Jcbmld082004 of Ice Bringers was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
*W33DY* of Swords Martial Arts was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
King Drafus of Celtic Knights 18 was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
Ali of Cheeraps was awarded Frosthorn Wraithplate!
WJerodS of Wicked Legends was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
R1P OTN Dylan of Diablo Warriors was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
Star Knight of Raid Warriors was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!
andywag of Sons Of Brother Hood was awarded Terraveil Stormcoat!