View Full Version : [Announcement] - WD Temp bonuses available in Frontline Hobart and Launceston!

[PM] President Hightower
11-18-2016, 01:40 PM
Hey Modern Warriors!

We are pleased to announce we have some special extras going on in the Frontline events leading up to the next World Domination event. During the Hobart and Launceston Frontline events you can win stacking temp bonuses to World Domination and Infantry attack by earning deploy points during the Frontline event. Players reaching the top level in both events will earn an additional 30% Temporary bonus to the Tasmania World Domination event!

There will be Five levels of bonus prizes available and for each level you can win a stacking temporary +2% to WD points AND a stacking permanent bonus of +3% Infantry Attack!

These items will be available in both Frontline events before the Twisting Tasmania World Domination event.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone!